Murray Stenson – Legendary Seattle Bartender

October 22, 2012 in News

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Murray Stenson on a couple different occasions… both times at Zig-Zag Café in Seattle.  He was introduced to me by a friend as “the best bartender in Seattle”. And, on those few occasions, I had a great time sitting across the bar from him.  At the time, I had no real idea of exactly how much impact he had on the Seattle cocktail culture over the past 3+ decades.

Honestly, I don’t know him all that well but since my initial encounters and as I’ve become more involved in the hospitality industry in Seattle his influence has become quite apparent.

Unfortunately, Murray isn’t behind the bar these days… he is suffering from a heart condition which requires medical treatment and like many people in the service industry doesn’t have adequate health coverage.  In response to this, there is an outpour of support from the cocktail community.  Out of love and respect for the man, the community has created MurrayAid which is a site dedicated to raising funds that will help offset his medical costs. Since launching over the weekend, the site has already raised close to $12,000 and every penny is going directly to Murray.

Please visit the site to learn how you can contribute.

Below I’ve included links to press and interviews that will shed some light on why this great human being is so admired.


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Photo Courtesy of the Museum of the American Cocktail.