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Check out this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stream from 2 days ago. Turn on Notifications. [DE] cs_summit #6 - EU Tiebreaker - German Stream by. AdreN. die holen bald major oder? Browse all other Counter-Strike: Global Offensive channels · Browse all other games! Natus Vincere vs Luminosity Gaming - Grand Finals - MLG CSGO Major. Alle anderen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle​. Magic: The Gathering | 8 views | 3 months ago. Show More. Jitko's Recent Videos​. ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Boston: Pick'Em Challenge - New Challenger. Watch Slots channels streaming live on Twitch. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Slots streamers!

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Mathy. Major cameltoe. Alle anderen IRL-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle anderen Spiele! Magic: The Gathering | 8 views | 3 months ago. Show More. Jitko's Recent Videos​. ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Boston: Pick'Em Challenge - New Challenger. gaules. Zeus tropeçou e caiu no major. Alle anderen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle anderen Spiele!

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faceitpremium_ FACEIT Major Premium - Observer. Alle anderen Counter-​Strike: Global Offensive-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle anderen Spiele! Luminosity Gaming vs Team Liquid - Semi Finals - MLG CSGO Major. Alle anderen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle​. Nikobaby_. MAJOR STREAM WITH LIMP AND HANDSKEN. Alle anderen Dota 2​-Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle anderen Spiele! pashaBiceps. No Papa No Major. Alle anderen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-​Kanäle durchsuchen · Durchsuche alle anderen Spiele! including to notify you of major Twitch Services updates, for customer service purposes, or to contact you regarding any content that you have.

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Twitch Major

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I'd start believing this theory a little more if it turns out litterally no new information comes out, no statements from Dr himself and he dissapears.

Then something weird's gotta be going on. The past week he has been doing charity streams for blm. He also talked about covid conspiracy theories on stream before the 8 minute section happened.

He also mentioned having to talk to Dr's pr team and agency after he made comments on twitter saying he had sources telling him why drdisrepect was banned.

Said it was too sensitive to talk about. Since slasher has had no issue talking about owl players trying to pray on minors and things of that nature and is very willing to talk about metoo stuff then what could it be?

Drdisrespect's wife seems to still be with him and supporting him based on her instagram posts. So that means it is very likely it wasnt child porn or him raping women.

It very well could be because of the conspiracy theories he shared. We have seen an uptick of labeling covid conspiracy as misleading and fake news.

It could very well be that spreading fake news is a contract clause and they used that to end his contract and he was warned of it towards the end so he mentioned Icke before going.

If this is the case twitch is being quiet about it cause people would riot since people like allinity can feed cats vodka, throw them around, shove a dog's snout down into her vagina, and even whip out her tits on stream without getting banned and then actually having to ban herself before twitch even acknowledged her.

Doc is likely quiet because he has an actual agency representing him and lawyers are recommending him to be quiet till the contract issues are settled.

Last night Doc's sponsors were pulling mentions of him likely as they were prepping for the worst, but today they have been restored this also shows that the situation is pretty bogus-like instead of something extremely terrible.

They don't want people who question. They want conformists only. They can't have someone with Dr Disrespects influence to recommend people who question the elite.

They want you to listen to the MS BS only. This is the conspiracy theory in itself - in what he knew was his last 5 minutes on the platform, he brings up David Icke and plays a weird video.

The other thing I came here for was because the roblox video he plays in the background and just watches is weird. The obvious answer is he was traumatized or reading something on a 2nd monitor, but there's some strange things in the video:.

Unless of course you are the seeker, then everyone's in big trouble" -"Everyone keeps leaving". I ordered his book too".

To me the weird part is he's watching a video about people leaving or being "found" in the last 2 minutes of a stream before he's permanently banned off multiple platforms.

I just feel like there could be something more to this if you want to go really deep down the rabbit hole Hard to say.

Judge for yourself how the hide and seek quotes could be related. The video was recommended by a sub or something I think. The sub said like "hey can you play this video tomorrow", and then he played the video right away cause he knew he wasn't going to be around the day after.

I don't think the video actually matters here. Yeah the video being played is done more as an opportunity to let him breathe a bit.

The chat comment was asking him to play it the next day and his response to that was kinda He just really latched onto it with a lot of interest.

Despite it being Roblox Hide and seek. You don't need a video to know it's You see, id like to actually see the chat durning these moments, it seems a bit misplaced tbh.

I agree, even just in general, without any controversy, I wanna see the chats alongside the stream to give context to the interaction.

But knowing the chat-context would help understand wtf is going on. Especially hearing him say today on twitter that Twitch has not given him a reason for the ban.

Which makes the way this video ends WAY more interesting. I agree with you. This definitely sketchy asf. There's gotta be a reason why David Icke was mentioned.

I mean it's so random. I think you're onto something for sure. I watched the 8 min clip and he was acting really odd after he looked at his phone.

His expression said it all. Also looked to he holding back tears. This is serious whatever it is.

I think you can look at it the non conspiracy route, which is where he was probably banned for doing some illegal shit and had some weird last stream moments.

I think the alternative is just going deep down the rabbit hole where you would go if you believe all streamers are all put into positions of power intentionally and nothing we see or consume is by accident.

AngryJoe was falsely accused of sexual assault. I think this probably happened to Dr. If that is the case, who is behind all these men being falsely accused of predatory behavior?

Or people paying women to lie and make up stuff in order to get streamers in trouble who don't support their narratives.

They will pay very well to take someone out through destroying their career. If they consider them a threat. ThinnD also just got deplatformed on FB for accusations from an EX who was obviously gold digging him.

As soon as he was gonna close his wallet she accuses him of assault. Yet we should all believe her by default in that situation right Oprah by Kitty Kelley says Oprah according to Patricia, prostituted herself to men when she was a teenager.

The book also recalls how she lied about her childhood poverty and how people treated her. Saying she lied about sleeping on the back porch of a house her mother stayed in because of her dark skin.

The book also shares how she made her money and her fame by having her show's first years about sex. Some of her episodes included porn stars, if size matters, and incest.

She revealed she was sexually abused if I recall from the book, right before 'The Color Purple' and became a household name. If anyone knows how to be a victim and blame others for her problems, it would certainly be someone like that evil bitch Oprah!

I hate her! What's strange imo is this: He acts like he forgot David Icke's first name, the first time he mentions him, as if he tries to keep it low key and not make it too obvious he's giving clues since he might not be allowed to due to threats , but then at the end he starts saying he even ordered his book, how thick it is and all which makes me think it's highly unlikely he couldn't remember his first name since he even ordered his book and seems to know about him.

It really seems like he did his best to come across as nonchalant or casual without making it too obvious that he's giving us a clue and act innocent.

The weird Roblox video was after someone asked him if he was going to be playing Roblox Extreme Hide and Seek tomorrow.

He didn't know what it was so he played the video. The person that said that knows more about the situation.

For context there has been a wave of metoo over the last days on twitch and he has admitted cheating in the past.

The rumors right now are that he did something illegal but no one knows. Dude no one knows, theyre just speculating.

He pulled out his phone and whatever he read changed his attitude. He knew he was fucked. Right after he read that he says "Ohhh by the way that Icke guy David Icke very interesting guy.

He knew he was fucked then said some interesting things then showed that person playing that kids game. Its not weird its completely weird.

Ss: Dr disrespect is a major twitch streamer who was recently perma banned. No official statement has been made as to why, but his subs have been automatically refunded, which is unprecedented for twitch bans, and the final few minutes of his last stream were discussing David Icke, as seen in the linked video.

At he looks at his phone and becomes visibly shaken, starts talking randomly about stuff. Mentions watching the David Icke documentary, watches a random Roblox video while holding back tears, ends stream.

As soon as he looks at his phone it seems like he knows that he's fucked -- this is before he ever mentions Icke.

According to Rod Breslaeu this ban went beyond the "Safety" department of Twitch which normally handles bans , due to this being a legal issue.

Why are you being so cryptic? That's the thing, it's completely silent right now. Nothing obvious happened on stream, which is why this is all so vague and speculative.

At this point, it has to be something with actual legal ramifications if no one has said a fucking thing about it. His body expression complete changes.

It's from his mannerisms and muscles tensing. You can see him get uncomfortable. Then at his wife tells him something but he mutes his mic.

Then at he reacts to a loud bang in the hours before cutting his stream. I think it was a police raid but that's just my opinion.

It's not a police raid. There would be record of an arrest. Plus he was on discord last night. Stop speculating.

You dont get the deals he get with some of the biggest companies if you dont accept some terms, the way he looked, it seems more like "if you dont stop now, we gonna expose you".

He may be the victim of people going back and combing through his videos looking for a reason to cancel him. I hope not Disrespect for one I don't get it, you post the clip of the moment right before he gets banned and then say you guess this is when things started to go downhill for him?

Whatever the reason for this was whether it's a stunt for his television show or something resurfacing from his past issues, it has absolutely nothing to do with the minute or two right before his ban.

He probably just picked a random conspiracy theorist to name drop just to say "these fucks conspired to ban me and now it's happening".

Craazy I even read about the guy being banned on ign but they of course "were unsure" why he had been banned. Personally, I don't really buy into all that stuff david icke is saying, it's a little bit too much for me to process but I respect the hustle, I guess.

Weird how cancel culture works, a mofo can't even name-drop david icke these days. I bet they did it in order to "protect the children" or some bs like that.

Woldn't want to expose the kids to all the crazy ideas of david icke, eh? Wouldn't want them to get the wrong ideas, as they say.

I dont think he was banned for just talking about someone and agreeing with them. Something else has to be up.

If people are thinking he got banned for mentioning David fucking Icke then I feel sorry them. CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook's decision not to label or remove the posts at the time, while Twitter labeled identical tweets from Trump as "glorifying violence.

In response, Facebook announced a slew of new rules around hate speech and misinformation, but so far, those changes don't appear to have appeased advertisers.

Some of the companies also announced a pause on advertising across all social media platforms, citing the broader problem of their role in amplifying misinformation and hate speech.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, racial justice protests, and upcoming elections, social media companies are facing growing pressure to get tougher on moderating harmful content and misinformation.

Fourth of July barbecue food safety: Grilling your burgers wrong could kill you this Independence Day. Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch are taking major steps to crack down on hate speech from pro-Trump and far-right groups.

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